Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Just Another Day

9 guys + me + awesome college day = DoTA

Naturally. ;)

Another girl tagged along and watched us play for a bit. I didn’t do too bad for someone who hasn’t played Warcraft in ages and only just recently started playing DoTA. When the game ended, we looked around and noticed that the girl was missing, her bag still on the seat she was previously occupying. We tried to call her cell phone, but nobody answered. Scoured the entire cyber café, double-checked the toilets – nada. Kept trying her phone and calling other people to find out if she was with them but to no avail. Called our friends in the hostel and asked them to check up on her to see if she was in the college hostel but they replied in the negative. A search party of some sort went out and checked the entire street, looking into every store and hoping to find her. Well, we decided to try her phone one last time before calling the Wangsa Maju Police Station and…she answered the phone. Apparently she got tired of watching and went off to a nearby comic shop.

Lesson of the day: Don’t wander off without telling anyone? Uh-uh. Don’t ignore your cell phone? Nope. The lesson is…don’t watch people playing DoTA. Join them. :P Kidding.

Andrew, Ken Wey and I walked back to the LRT later…we were amazed when we saw Mun Hon and his girlfriend there, waiting for Wei Zhe. They should have been home hours ago! Apparently they were just as surprised to see us as we were to see them. Someone stole poor Wei Zhe’s LRT pass. It has only been in use for three days and there’s still the rest of the month to go! Mental note to self: Be very, very careful not to let my pass be stolen. It would have been worse for me, considering my IC and college ID are in the same plastic casing as my pass! The gradual deterioration of human morality is saddening.

Oh yeah…my phone died yesterday. V_V I have to use an old phone of my father’s while I attempt to send it for repairs. I don’t mind the old phone as much despite the severe lack of functions but the keys are so stiff and hard to press! My fingers hurt after sending a couple of messages and believe me, when I say my fingers hurt, they really hurt, considering I have great SMSing stamina. Ouch I hope I won’t get too used to these buttons and press my phone buttons way too hard after I’ve got it repaired (or gotten a new phone if beyond the point of no returun).

My sister was home early today. Very nice. A special wish for special people…goodness knows I appreciate you guys more than anyone will truly comprehend. Love to all of my wonderful classmates who never ceased to there for me in their own way. A simple gesture holds a world-full of meanings for me. :)

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