Friday, August 03, 2007


The night was still.

No, not quite.

Leaves rustled as

nocturnal creatures scampered

through the woods.

She was there.

Gently twirling in

an eternal dance

of the moon.

The moonlight created

silver highlights in

the long dark hair

framing a lovely pale face.

Her steps were silent.

Quick, light, and measured.

Her black dress looked

as if it was weaved of silver thread.

She made not the slightest ripple,

her graceful feet slid in and out

of the shallow stream in the woods

as she continued her moonlight dance.

The moon cast strange shadows

across her face as

she smiled knowingly

humming an eerie melody.

For she was

The Guardian of the Shadows,

The Moon Lady,

The Mistress of Darkness.

And the night belonged to her.

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