Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A piece of me, a piece of you.

Yes please, I’d like to order a little piece of everything, including nothing. Thank you.

As I have always stressed, our imperfections are what make us perfect, for each and every one of us are unique in our own way. The converse holds true, for perfection in itself is an imperfection. Those elusive luxuries in life that are forever goading us – be it material satisfaction for the poor or emotional satisfaction or perhaps, both – are what make life interesting.

A tiny part of me, the part that belongs to the Air element would occasionally spread my wings and soar up into the clear blue skies, gazing down upon the sands of humanity. I do indeed see pure white little crucibles, finely spread out on the vast land below, literally and figuratively speaking. To rest my head upon the soft fluffy clouds and observe the long stretch of beach civilization is founded upon…

It is fascinating, not to mention refreshing. I do understand how it is to be emotionally unaffected after all. To be unattached to any of those dowdy packages that humans are so often burdened with, winging my way through life. To skim the tips of my wings against the crystalline ocean waters, to brush my tail feathers against the tip of snow-capped mountains….

Fleeting daydreams as such allow me to gain a fresh perspective on life and wonder at the tiny things in life that we seem to place so much importance upon. I am, however, a daughter of Fire and Air with the former dominant most of the time. Really, if you boil everything down to the basics…elements are the perfect way to categorise people. I’m sure there are exceptions, though I have yet to meet one. Most people just need to discover their inner self and find an element that they have an affinity for.

So what happens when fiery passion and empty air meet? An equilibrium, you’d reckon? Not quite…for they are both within my nature and have distinctive qualities of their own. I am a temperamental little flame most of the time, however, and it is only when reality starts to fall apart slightly and daydreams of the wind sneak in through the gaps…

But I understand how it is to be Pure Air. I truly know how it feels to be empty like the wind – no past, no future, only now. The precise feeling of how it is to be indifferent, unaffected, unperturbed, unfazed by developments around me. That in itself, is an irony, for empathy doesn’t exactly belong to Air, no? Perhaps that is one of the many reasons why I consider myself to be both. Because it is a part of me and I am a part of it.

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