Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A peek into the past. SJ8C

The pain never really goes away, you just get used to it…

Dear Shadow. He was such an obedient and adorable dog. There will always be this tiny twitch in my heart that will never be resolved… The only dog I ever loved more than I did him was (and is) Bingo.

*Shadows* cloud life’s lane as I traverse this difficult journey, weaving in and out through thorns and heavy undergrowths threatening to smother me. I once walked alone, or so it seemed, for my loved ones could do nothing more than proffer me sympathetic glances. They could not offer me much physical assistance, for they were too far away to help…

Suddenly, I was not alone. Not anymore. There were warm arms ready to hold me up when I faltered, a strong shoulder for me to lean against when I felt weary… SJ8C. I owe you guys so much. I love you all. You guys are the best classmates I ever had and probably will ever have.

Perhaps I am getting a little too emo for my own good. I have no idea how to write all this down…how to put all of this into words. I can only type out the thoughts as they run through my brain: Uncut, unvarnished, not up to standards... but certainly effective.
I will always be a part of SJ8C, although I know not whether I am acknowledged any longer. A portion of my heart will always be with you guys.

Thank you so much for being there for me right where it truly matters. Thank you for being my friends, true friends. Thank you for showing me that there is still friendship in existence, that true hearts lie beneath the superficial layers of humanity. Thank you for being the reason why I can face the new day with courage and strength and a small smile upon my face.

It hurts to leave you all. I know I’ll have to get used it and I am grateful that at least, we parted while memories were still sweet. I just…love you all so much, more than anyone can ever truly understand. I hope I won’t lose the source, the source of my happiness. I wish I won’t lose it, ever. A vain hope, a vain wish…

On a side note, I had to attend a class with the juniors the other day. I don’t think I like them very much, considering the chaos they caused with our unfortunate Biology lecturer. Perchance, she doesn’t really have good English. But who are they to criticise her English when they do not have perfect English themselves? I do not claim that my English is perfect. I believe, however, that my English is better than them at any rate, considering I’m only good at languages.

Everyone has their own weaknesses. I would never have dreamt of insulting an unfortunate fellow human just because she happened to possess unsatisfactory language skills. Nobody is perfect. Incidentally, why is a Biology lecturer required to speak the Queen’s English? Honestly, I’ll gladly debate them any day and make them sit up a bit. Would you believe it? Even the sentences that they used to criticise my lecturer’s English were grammatical mistakes in themselves. Dear children, I’d advise you to return to grade school and come back after you’ve learnt your grammar.

They were an insufferably rude bunch of immature children. Whatever her faults were, there is never any acceptable excuse for being rude. A little bit of consideration and common courtesy goes a long way. I find it fascinating that those uncouth youths are actually supposed to be elder than me. Juniors will always be juniors…

My friends keep telling me to keep my head down. Well, I never! I was angry and indignant on behalf of the poor lecturer. How dare they do this to her? It’s her first job after all, the unfortunate girl… At least half the lecture hall went quiet after my icy glare and pointed “They think they’re so perfect?” I got an earful from my friends after that, of course. They told me I should keep my mouth shut and not involve myself in matters as such. I agree with them, but I don’t regret my words. However, I shall try my very best to shut up and keep my temper in check, for they are right, after all.

Still, it was pretty satisfying to see the half of the lecture hall that heard me have some sense knocked into their brains. I do not regret my words, though I suppose it wasn’t a very wise thing to do. They deserved it and more, at any rate.

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