Monday, January 22, 2007

A Cursory View of Social Disparities in Our Current Society

The rich:
~It is considered fashionable to wear articles of clothing or jewellery that caused the death of animals.
~Thanks to your generous contribution, thousands of trees are cut down every year because of your excessive usage of paper. (Bills.)
~Inflation is caused by your willingness to pay a high price for goods.
~You sometimes do not pay for your food because you found it to be unsatisfactory.
~Just because you don’t like the way your fish was fried, you have a right to send it back and yell obscenities at the restaurant owner, demanding a full refund.
~Drinking liquor and swearing at night clubs is a mark of status and a form of entertainment.
~Paranoia of thieves/robbers is granted.
~Shopkeepers are polite and efficient. They offer you their best goods and they give you special discounts you don’t even have to ask for.
~Platinum/Titanium credit cards promising membership privileges and the best discounts are offered to you wherever you go.
~You have never truly looked behind the eyes of people from the lower class and considered their life story
– Hawkers are just robots you program to cook your food so you can gain nourishment. Toilet cleaners are cleaning machines you can program to keep your bathroom clean and sweet-smelling.

The poor:
~The World Wildlife Fund probably loves you because you never buy garments or ornaments that will endanger an animal’s life – you can’t afford to!
~You’re also loved by forest rangers because you used every bit of empty space available on a piece of paper before disposing of it – at the recycling centre in exchange for money.
~You quietly pay for your food and swallow down every morsel even though it is inedible.
~If the restaurant messed up your order you either shrug, eat it anyway or you enquire politely regarding the mix-up.
~Drinking liquor will get you labelled a good-for-nothing drunkard.
~You don’t have to worry about thieves because you have nothing to lose, literally.
~Shopkeepers give you the weird eyeball when you walk into their shop and they don’t pay much attention to you except to make you sure you don’t steal anything.
~Banks are reluctant to approve your application for a Visa Card.
~You can usually relate to the working-class people either through personal experience or relations who work under the same situations. It is understood that each plate of rice you order from a food stall did not come easily.
~Cherishing what you have is second nature to you.

This is a cursory view of social discrepancies in our present civilization; hence all the stuff I crapped up does not necessarily apply to everyone and is only a very rough (probably highly inaccurate) generalization
Actually, I just thought we needed an update. ^^;;
Okay, fine. I admit it. I was bored and in a crazier mood than usual. =P

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