Sunday, August 06, 2006

The light at the end of the tunnel

Part One
It has been said that
sometimes the people
who go into the darkness
and come out the other side
are the strongest people ever.
Just remember, bear this in mind
don't ever go deeper and deeper inside
never to come out again, never to emerge
from the end of the tunnel to bath in the light.
I'm not Shakespeare, I'm not Picasso, or Leonardo,
but I believe that every single person has the power
the power to change the world and determine destinies.
Always trust, always presevere throughout time - eternal.

Part Two
An empty soul wandered the length of a tunnel dark,
every inch of the darkness it left its mark.
Aimlessly floating dust specks in the tunnel long,
emotions of bygone years a lost song.
Dim figures, reminiscences of the past,
seemingly an eternity it'll last.
Light at the end,
around the bend.
Future destiny,

Descending this time.

The light at the end of the tunnel
Part one: The beginning of the journey
Part two: The ending of the journey

Part I and II creates the illusion of one entering a tunnel through a narrow entrance - the tunnel widens in the middle - and finally contracted again.
Note that the first line in Part One is of moderate length, whereas the final line in Part Two consists of a single word. Hence - the other end of the tunnel is tapered down to a higher degree than the beginning.
Part I does not rhyme and the words are simply strung together without much calculation yet the meaning is clear. Part II portrays more uniformity but the meaning is strangely vague enough. Go figure. The middle of the journey is lost somewhere in between.

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